Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

  • Always Stay Connected to your Front Door from anywhere anytime with the INSTANT VISITOR VIDEO CALL feature of the Doorbell.
  • Smartly Secure the entrance of your House with a 1080P Full HD Camera and an advanced Built-In INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEM.

  • “Customized around your Life – 36 unique chime tunes to select from and Multiple modes like DO NOT DISTURB for complete peace of mind. Comes packed with an Easy Plug & Play AC Chime unit. NO Batteries required.”
  • This Product is a perfect solution for apartments & builder floors. For large independent Houses/Villas where installation is at the main gate, do call our CS team for an installation feasibility check
  • Talk and listen to your visitors with clear 2-WAY TALK or respond with PRE-RECORDED MESSAGES when you are occupied.

  • Person Detection with Intruder Alarm: Advanced AI capabilities that can smartly detect & notify whenever a person is detected. You can also ring a siren in case of an intrusion.
  • Visitor’s Time Lapse Video: — Watch what has been happening on your Front door throughout the day with a special video collage at the end of each day — Perfect Summary for the day.
  • Works with Alexa & Google — Watch clearer details on bigger smart screens that work with ALEXA or GOOGLE ASSISTANT.
  • For the device to work smoothly, WiFi with the below-mentioned specs is required -2.4Ghz Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n) network, Greater than 2Mbps network upload speed, and RSSI strength greater than -50dBm
  • Data Storage: Up to 1TB SD Card Storage support is available in the slot. You need to buy the SD Card separately.



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